The Ecstasy of Solitude

“The ecstasy of solitude comes when you are not frightened to be alone.”

– J. Krishnamurti 

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Author: Bite-Size Dhamma

I'm a Buddhist layperson, trying to live well and skilfully with compassion, generosity, and discernment. I work in the field of housing law and homelessness. I have a beautiful kind wife and a very cute dog.

9 thoughts on “The Ecstasy of Solitude”

    1. I feel the same way. I enjoy the feeling.

      I wonder if others feel alone in solitude because they are far away from themselves, not willing to look and listen inside. I have found that many people find the thought of being alone with themselves for extended periods quite frightening.

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  1. Even as a youngster I delighted in being alone with my universe. Still do. When asked a long time ago – and again not so long past – don’t you ever get bored? I replied then and again: “How could I? I have me (and my universe) with which to play! As much as I enjoy – crave sometimes, often a lot – people, I do sometimes prefer solace sitting beside an empty space filled with the roaring silence to match the tumult I often struggle to quell going on inside. And at other times I break out my gongs, cymbals and drums and begin the mayhem and madness ‘twixt those to so-abused ears who decided to call me home (originally dropped the “e” off of hom and like its entendre.

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    1. I now have a wonderful image of you madly cacophonising in a wood cabin somewhere (I don’t know why I imagine a wood cabin) for no other reason than ‘mayhem’.

      The difference between the two extremes – silent solace and noisy mayhem – mirrors your interest in storms, I notice. The calm, the storm, the eye, the storm, the result.


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